[Document Copy to download: Sampige Cultural Programme Guidelines]

General Guidelines:

  1. All teams and participants MUST attend stage rehearsal.
  2. If participants are performing in multiple events and need a change in the schedule of events, it MUST be informed on the day of the stage rehearsal. No changes will be made on the day of the event.
  3. Stage rehearsals will be conducted a week before the actual performance. Costume rehearsals are requested during stage rehearsal, failing which photos of the costumes can be shown.
  4. Certificates: The team manager MUST provide the names of ALL participants during registration. Last minute changes will not be acknowledged. Certificates (conditional) can be collected backstage, after the performance.
  5. Every Participant can be in no more than Two performances.
  6. The decision undertaken by the committee shall remain final on all accounts.

Specific Guidelines

Dance Performances:

  1. Please send a final copy of the music of your performance TWO days before the stage rehearsal. You may send the music in this format – NaavaduvaNudiyeKannadaNudi (name of the song)/RajkumarGroup (group name). Please carry a backup of the music (USB stick/iPhone/iPad) with you at all times of the stage rehearsal and the final event.
  2. Please provide a brief synopsis (not exceeding 5 lines) of your performance and send it along with the final music. This may include but is not limited to the concept of your production, names of the choreographer(s)/participants, and music credits. Synopsis can be sent along with the music.
  3. Each performance gets its prime time slot and the event schedule will be religiously followed.
  4. Time is of the essence. Time slots for all performances will be provided on the day of stage rehearsal. Please be ready with your team TENminutes before your performance to facilitate smooth running of the show.
  5. Please be courteous to your fellow participants and clear the stage before exiting.

Music/Instrumental Performances:

  1. Solo or group singers MUST bring their own Karaoke equipment.
  2. If stage setup is needed for live music shows, we MUST be informed TWO days before the stage rehearsal. This applies to other such requirements as well.
  3. Please ask us for volunteers, if needed.
  4. Please bring ALL musical instruments required for the show.
  5. Please be courteous to your fellow participants and clear the stage before exiting.


  1. Please adhere to the prime-time programming schedule.
  2. Mimicry – Primary language is Kannada. Other languages can be used ONLY to supplement, if needed.
  3. Mono acting – Indian personalities and Kannada medium of speech (language) is encouraged and preferred.
  4. Skits/Short Dramas – Please keep it short with an interesting and engaging storyline, lucid pronunciation, good humor and a positive message. A wrap-up warning will be provided close to the end of the time-limit to ensure that the artists do not go over the pre-allotted time limit.
  5. The subject matter must be chosen keeping in mind the sentiments of the audience.
  6. Please bring all properties needed for the show.
  7. We will provide 2-3 hand/wireless mics. However, to adapt to the rare occasion of it not happening, please be prepared to perform with limited aid.
  8. Please be courteous to your fellow participants and clear the stage before exiting.

Fancy Dress Shows:

  1. Any personality related to Karnataka or India is preferred.
  2. Each participant will have up to ONE minute to deliver dialogues related to their costume.
  3. Background music is optional.

Stage Maintenance:

  1. There are two green rooms – the room on the right side of the stage is reserved ONLY for ladies and left one is reserved ONLY for men. Choreographers/organizers MUST make sure that the entire team is ready before the start of the program and that they are seated in the audience to enjoy the program.
  2. Please maintain the decorum – both on-stage and off-stage. Please be sure to keep the auditorium and its surroundings clean.
  3. Please maintain silence in the auditorium to respect the artists on stage.


Stage Performances and Age Groups Guidelines:

Item Type
Duration LimitAge GroupGroup Size
Classical Group Dance6 minAll age groupsMinimum 3
Classical Solo5 min10+Solo
Folk Group Dance6 minAll age groupsMinimum 4
Folk Solo5 min10+Solo
Group Movie Dance5 minAll age groupsMinimum 5
Solo Movie Dance5 min10+Solo
Classical Group Song6 minAll age groupsMinimum 4
Solo Classical Song6 minAll age groupsSolo
Group Film Song5 minAll age groupsMinimum 4
Solo Film Song5 min10+Solo
Any other patriotic/Folk song5 minAll age groupsGroup/Solo
Mimicry4 minAll age groupsGroup/Solo
Mono acting4 minAll age groupsSolo
Fancy dress for kids2 minAll age groupsSolo or Group
Skit10 minAll age groupsGroup
Any creative piece5 minAll age groupsGroup/Solo